DINE IN Wellness Policy


DINE IN is committed to your health and wellness.

We at DINE IN are dedicated to delivering the best dining experiences to your home. This is tied to our commitment to the highest standards of sanitation and cleanliness.

With the global outbreak of COVID-19, we are raising our standards even higher—to one of meticulous, uncompromising care to ensure the safety and the wellness of our patrons, our employees, our partners, and our entire DINE IN community.

Here are the key protocols we have put in place to ensure a clean and sterile environment for you at all times.


In compliance with the Test & Trace governmental policies, patrons will be asked to practice responsible physical distancing at all times, such as while meeting our driver or during ‘Book a Chef’ events.


Adherence to COVID-19 Governmental Guidelines is obligatory. DINE IN Management reserves the right to refuse and exclude any restaurant that fails to comply with health standards from the DINE IN application and home delivery service.


All staff members will undergo medical-grade COVID-19 tests regularly. Body temperature checks are mandatory at the start and end of every shift. Staff members exhibiting a temperature of 37.4C and above will not be allowed to proceed with their shift and will resume work only upon the presentation of a health certificate. Face masks and gloves must be worn at all times and will be changed frequently, especially for our drivers. Responsible physical distancing is imperative for the entire DINE IN Team, our partner restaurants, and our patrons.


Hand sanitizers will be made available in all our offices and staff areas, staff rooms, and offices. Bikes and cars will be fully sanitized at least every four hours. All common spaces and surfaces will be sanitized at least every hour.

In addition, we continue to monitor government policy guidelines and public health advancements to apply only the best policies and procedures for the DINE IN community.

Together, we can create the finest—and safest—home dining experiences for our patrons by adhering to the highest levels of safety and sanitation in our spaces and processes. Let’s keep our community healthy and virus-free.by strictly adhering to these protocols.

Please do not hesitate to share your questions, concerns, and ideas with the DINE IN Team. And for your peace of mind, our full hygiene policy is available to view upon request. For more information on DINE IN’s Health, Safety and Wellbeing Standard and Guidelines, you may reach us at [email protected]